Online magazines

Create your periodical digital publications with Webzine and communicate easily and innovatively with your readers!

Put an end to paper magazines with expensive and time-consuming distribution and printing processes. The DigiTeam offers you the chance to create a new experience for your readers by communicating with a digital magazine on the theme of your choice.

With Webzine, benefit from a high-quality service and make yourself known to a new audience by building a strong reputation.

This shared solution allows to communicate faster on a variety of content and to control your publications in real time.

Example of a Webzine

When Etude Eco wants to innovate and reach new readers
The formulated need :
How to communicate periodically with your audience in an innovative, fun and personalized way in real time?
The solution imagined :
Creation of an internet magazine with publications following a simple and unique format: one home page and some subpages, with the possibility to integrate YouTube and Dailymotion videos to enhance the article’s content.

Shared solution enabling your audience to read previous articles at any time.

Personalization of the URL thanks to the choice of your own domain name.

Fast diffusion of the Webzine with a possibility to implement e-mail notifications thanks to our MassMail offer.
Our perimeter :
Communication Quality Diffusion Personalisation

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By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!

Contact us

By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!


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