Digitalize your events organization

Manage your virtual or physical events from A to Z!

Evenium offers all the features you need to organize your event. The offer automates your tedious tasks: invitations, forms, badges, QR Code, payments… to save time and manage your workshops more easily.
Invitations are sent by e-mail (to the employees of the Crédit Agricole group or to external persons). You have immediate visibility on the number of subscribers and unsubscribers, and you can restart or make automatic reminders to your guests… Not forgetting that through Evenium, you can manage logistics (transport, hotel…). The Evenium offer also allows you to create a personalized multilingual website dedicated to the event.

So, are you ready to improve the experience of your participants?

Event Example

When an entity wants to communicate about an event and measure the number of participants in real time
The formulated need :
How to transform the experience of the event and improve the engagement of participants?
The solution imagined :
Implementation of the Evenium solution, which enables:
- Help your attendees easily find all the details of your workshops thanks to the personalized agenda
- Send e-mail invitations, receive automatic confirmations and reminders
- Develop a website dedicated to your event and include registration forms and even personalized badges
- When the activity is paying, offer your guests the possibility to make secure payment online and get an invoice
- When the activity is launched, track participants' entries in real time and benefit from a report at the end of the session to analyze its success
Our perimeter :
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By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!


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