Digital Experience Platform

More than a website, you want to set up a global digital platform allowing you to address all your needs: internet and intranet in a same place, e-commerce platform, headless content distribution to multiple front-ends such as mobile applications…

Discover KALEEWEB, the Group Crédit Agricole offer for all these needs, using the eZ Platform / Ibexa DXP CMS solution.

Use a dedicated, ready-to-use hosting infrastructure, existing and reusable functionalities, and a very high level of security.
And the icing on the cake: the costs are shared between the different members!

Project example

When a firm want to rethink its internal and external communication in a centralized way
The formulated need :
How to communicate on the internet internationally, on the intranet with all the entities in a "One Bank" spirit, all thanks to a single tool?
The solution imagined :
Creation of a complete digital experience platform, which allows to manage all internet and intranet content through a single back-office.

On the internet side, the solution offer a modern and relevant site for the Indosuez Group, but also fifteen declinations for the international entities.
For the intranet part, eight different sites are federated, with their particularities according to business needs. They are all accessible in complete security by a tailor-made SSO authentication method.
Our perimeter :
Production Implementation Hosting Maintenance & evolution Assistance to webmasters & internet users

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By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!

Contact us

By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!


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