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Ready to transform the way you work as a team with Klaxoon ?

You want to energize your meetings, workshops, brainstorming… and interact with the participants ? Look no further. The Klaxoon solution offered by DigiTeam will meet all your expectations. Various tools are at your disposal such as Board which allows you to share ideas on a virtual whiteboard of infinite size and which integrates Live, a videoconference tool. You can share any type of content: texts, photos, drawings, links, videos, documents hosted on servers… then organize them using graphic tools : colors, shapes, fonts, connectors etc.
To get started easily, you have hundreds of ready-to-use working method templates and to synchronize, you just need to launch a 5, 15 or 30 minute live! This solution requires collaborative and participatory work since you can ask questions live and offer activities such as quizzes, surveys, and even adventure routes. You can also offer training and let your participants do it at their own pace.

Don’t hesitate anymore and manage your projects successfully!

Example usage

When employees get tired of meeting too long and unsuccessful
The formulated need :
How can we make our weekly meetings more participatory and efficient ?
The solution imagined :
Implementation of the Klaxoon offer, which made it possible to change the way of approaching these meetings.
Before each weekly meeting, all participants can log in to suggest topics they wish to discuss. When the conference is launched, participants learn about the proposed topics and vote for the ones they are most interested in. Choices can be approved in the form of a quiz, a survey or even a word cloud. The topics that get the most «like» are treated as a priority. Once dealt with, the facilitator places the item in the Board's « Done » category to close the topic.
Our perimeter :
Klaxoon to conduct a meeting collaborative solution participation team work
Thank you very much to Digiteam for its unwavering support, which motivated us to prepare our first Klaxon animations and to change the way we work together.

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Contact us

By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!


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