Online survey solution

The DigiTeam gives you the possibility to manage your own online surveys.

Thanks to Interview, design, distribute and exploit your questionnaires (satisfaction surveys, information gathering, votes …).

Take advantage of the instantaneous graphic rendering of results in the form of dashboards, tables, charts and verbatim records and allow your sponsors to consult them online, in real time.

You will also be able to launch your invitations to events, manage available seats and notify your recipients’ Outlook calendar.

The best way to boost and measure the quality of your internal or external client relationships!

The DigiTeam supports you from the moment you take control of the tool to broadcasting your first projects!

Example of an online survey solution

When the DigiTeam is in charge of managing registrations for the conferences and workshops of 48hTechno 2017
The formulated need :
How to centralize the multiple registrations of a single event in an accessible and personalized form?
The solution imagined :
Creating a template with the colors of the event allowing participants to register or unsubscribe to the conferences and workshops available.
To steer or to create reporting documents, there is nothing better than a dashboard personalized according to one's needs and goals.
Without installation, Interview automatically manages reminders and ensures, if necessary, the anonymity of participants.

Other options are also available such as: the quiz, the short URL, answering a questionnaire via SMS...
Our perimeter :
Template creation Customization Dashboard Reporting Steering Registration Satisfaction survey
Many thanks for your help and availability. You can see on our base that Sophie used your questionnaire and it works. It's awesome!
Sylvie S. - Crédit Agricole Champagne Bourgogne

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By email, telephone or face to face, we guarantee a good connection!


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